“Carol and I wanted you to know just how very much we love our new home and appreciate your commitment to doing things the right way – with honor and integrity and extremely high standards.And when we reflect upon our past experiences and interactions with our previous builders, your true qualities (in comparison), shine even brighter.

You’ve been extremely conscientious and very fair and as a result we can unequivocally offer our heartfelt positive feedback (and will continue to do so) to any prospective buyers of Bravo Homes.”

– Carol and Sean Benton

“This was the first house we built and Bravo Homes was great to work with.  Bob has a wonderful personality and is good at what he does!”
– Susan Weiher

“We could not be happier with our new home. This was our first experience with building a home, and Bravo Homes exceeded all of our expectations. We truly loved working with Bob and his team. His attention to detail, his thoughtful planning, and his honest and professional work ethic can be seen in every square inch of our home. Bob was on-site every single day of the building process, and he was always available to answer any of our questions. We are extremely blessed to call this house “home,” and would recommend Bravo Homes to anyone.”

– Karla and Russell Caputo

“We completely enjoyed building with Bob Cohen and Bravo Homes! Bob is an honest and professional builder who worked with us to build the house we wanted. They helped us through every step of the process including finding the site for our house and working with the architect to design the best features and floor plan for our home. Their level of professionalism is displayed in the outstanding quality of the trades and workmanship that we see everyday in our house. We are thoroughly satisfied with Bravo Homes!”

– Jeff & Ann Vickers

“I’m very pleased with Bravo Homes. For the novice homebuyer, they’re extremely approachable and hold your hand through the building process. When we were looking to relocate, we interviewed numerous builders. We lucked out finding Bravo Homes! I knew they were the right builder for us.”

– Mary Heithaus

“Respect is shown in their quality of work. I feel like I got more than my monies worth. I’m really happy with Bravo Homes!”

– Mary Heithaus

“Bravo Homes built us a good quality home!”

– Scott Lincoln

“Bob was easy to work with!”

– Bob Hosford